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Life is not all lovely thorns and singing vultures, you know.


Have no fear.  Justice shall prevail.


If my boyfriend doesn’t call me ‘cara mia’ then what’s the point of even dating him

me: that scene was so painful
me: that scene made me actually physically cry
me: that scene was emotionally scarring
me: better rewatch it 800 times
Doctor: do you drink or smoke?
Me: no
Doctor: (under his breath) what a loser


Greatest exchange ever

You know that feel when you’re in the middle of writing your paper then suddenly SADNESS like HERE WE GO AGAIN

Thug he-ate-us, hug he-ate-us. [part 1, 2]

Finals week is near, Flo.

Finals week is near, Flo.

The Florence and the machine army collection: Florence welch. 

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